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So You've Made Good Money... Now What?

Wealth Building for Successful Women

by Barbara Huson, Leading Authority on Women, Wealth & Power

Congratulations! As a successful woman, earning a darn good living, you're a member of an exclusive club.

But consider this: is your money working as hard for you as you are for it? Are you actually creating wealth or are you wondering where your money went?

Wealth doesn't come from what you earn, it comes from what you do with what you earn.

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In this E-Book You'll Learn:

  • The single most important step to begin amassing a fortune (it’s so easy!) 
  • What ‘Resistance’ really means (you’ll be surprised!) 
  • Five simple secrets for becoming a Savvy Investor (it doesn’t take a lot of time!) 
  • How you can build wealth without a lot of money (seriously!) 
  • The biggest risk you take as a woman (it’s not the market going down!)
  •  2 foolproof ways to minimize risk and maximize gains in the market (what the pros know) 
  • Three Strategic Questions to ask yourself before you invest! (you’ll be sorry if you don’t)
  •  The Busy Woman’s Blueprint for Getting $mart or $marter (in only 3 steps) 

Experience the freedom, security and peace of mind that Wealth Building brings! 

Barbara - Photo by Liz Linder

Barbara Huson, leading authority on Women, Wealth & Power, grew up relying on first her father (the "R" of H&R Block), then her husband to manager her money.

When a devastating financial crisis became a wake-up call, Barbara knew she had to get smart about money...and she did. Barbara shares her journey to financial independence in hopes of inspiring, and even better, motivating YOU to become smart (or smarter) with money.

As a journalist, Barbara interviewed hundreds of women who made $100,000 or more. Her goal: to find out how they did it, if she could too, and how to avoid the pitfalls along the way.

As the author of four best-selling financial books for women, Prince Charming Isn't Coming, Secrets of Six-Figure Women, Overcoming Underearning and Sacred Success, Barbara inspires, motivates and empowers women to take control of their finances, by making more money and managing it wisely. 

Barbara has appeared on numerouse national and regional television and radio programs to spread her message of financial empowerment for women. Including: 

Good Morning America, The View, Power Lunch on CNBC, Money Matters on CNN, Your World with Neil Cavuto on Fox News Channel, The O'Reilly Report on Fox News Channel.  

"Barbara, thanks so much for your e-book. I downloaded and read it straight away! Love it - straightforward and easy to understand, boiling down lots of info and advice into very manageable and do-able chunks. 

I've made a start on getting clear about my current financial situation, but was losing momentum. Your book today has got me fired up again, but more than that, it's given me a blueprint to follow to keep me going. That's what I needed - a map to guide me in the right direction while I work through the maze of detail, so I won't panic about getting lost and stuck." ~~Marie