Rewire for Wealth Mentorship Program

Now is the time to train your mind, rewire your brain, increase your confidence to easily create Wealth + Well-Being!


$2,199.00 (Payment Plan Available)

Yes, I'm Ready to Rewire!
Barbara Huson

"During your Rewire program, wonderfully positive things, life-changing ideas, have come out of my mouth, because you’ve created a warm, safe space—a space without limits. Your ability to listen, and ask that one question that gets to the heart of the matter, has given me the courage to finally put into action a plan to build a career and financial security that will make my heart sing."—Alisa Judy

"Rewire for Wealth is far beyond basic finances.  I’ve learned I can embrace any fear and use the message behind the fear to see my next step.  I feel free!  Thank you Barbara for creating a way to empower women to move into financial abundance. With immense gratitude." —Susan Madrid

Join Barbara for a brand-new, profoundly powerful Rewire for Wealth Mentorship Program beginning

January 18, 2022 !

Membership in this two-month program includes:

Month 1: Weekly Content + Q&A Calls**

A deep immersion into the 4 Key Components of Wealth Building: Neuroscience, Psychology, Spirituality, & Personal Finance  with a Q&A session at the end.

**Content Calls are on Tuesdays, beginning 1/18 at Noon Pacific/3 PM Eastern Time

Month 1: Weekly Group Coaching Calls**

Get coaching from Barbara in these calls PLUS support, accountability and deep connection with a small, elite group of women joining you on this journey.

**Group Coaching Calls are on Thursdays, beginning 1/20 at Noon Pacific/3 PM Eastern Time

Month 2: Private Mentoring

In the second month of the Rewire for Wealth Mentorship Program, you'll continue the work with four (4) one-hour private mentoring sessions with Barbara.

Special Additions!

  • An autographed copy of Rewire for Wealth
  • A digital Rewire for Wealth Workbook
  • Special Guest Speakers—Experts in their Fields
  • Three months membership in The Wealth Connection



Or 2 payments of 1,124.50Private Coaching Calls Alone are a $1,200 Value!

I'm ready to Rewire for Wealth in 2022!

"I signed up for the rewire course with the hopes of learning about financial investing. It was a world that seemed foreign to me and honestly I didn't think it was something I would ever fully understand. I am thrilled to say that my desire to feel confident with investing my money has happened! I did it!  Barbara's guidance and this program have made my dream come true! "

— Kat Knecht

"The mentoring I’ve gotten from Barbara has increased my faith and deepened my relationship with God and that is huge for me. I feel like I love myself more. I mean I love my scars, I love my pain, I love my everything. And I'm being really gentle. I feel like there's so much more that's coming for me because I'm not blocking it. Those walls that I set up were keeping good things out. I just don't do that anymore."

— Dionne Thomas

"A month into the program I have not been disappointed.  Barbara gives 200% of herself to the group and to each one of us individually.  She is perceptive, listens attentively and brings experience, compassion and wisdom to her dynamic leadership and guidance.   Furthermore, you will become part of a highly engaged community of co-learners, creative women of vision and courage."

Neesa Maloney 

Give yourself the gift of Wealth + Well-Being in 2022!

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